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Trenton Brock, C++, Java, Mysql
Austin Reyes, C++, Java, Mysql
Mauro Basio, C++, Java, Mysql
Sean Allemang,C++ Java, Scripting, Web Development

System Scope:

Problem Description: There are many games that are out on the market that are not fun, not challenging, or both. To solve this, we are making a game of our own. It is a stealth based rpg with easy to learn yet hard to master controls with enemies that will challenge you every step of the way. It will also include optional side-quests you can complete as you progress along in the game as a way to increase your characters overall abilities and to help you complete the game Functional Requirements: At least 30 minutes of unique gameplay Challenging yet beatable environment/enemy combinations Sandbox mode, allowing for player to create their own fights